5 Pinterest Pin Styles that Work – And how to create them yourself

Have you ever been scrolling through your feed and something caught your eye?

It is a noisy online world, with an ever-increasing flood of content.  And your main focus is to capture your audience’s attention.

We need to ask ouselves:

  • How do I stand out online?
  • How do I stop viewers in their scroll?
  • How do I make them click on your images?

Using the right visual captures attention, creates a little mystery and invites the reader to look for more.

Here are 5 Image Styles that grab attention and some simple tips and tricks to create some of your own!

1. Product that Pops Out:

Using powerful contrast between product and background makes the product stand out.

How create it:

Choose a front or top view of the product and place it over a plain colored background.  Tip: remove the background of your photo with the Canva tool and play around with different colors.  Check out this short tutorial of how I created the example shown above.

2. Ad Style

Blend Title + Photo Formula: Combine fun wording with a photo of the situation, kind of and advertising style. 

How to create it:

Think of a catchy title, something with a twist, and choose a photo that matches the idea. 

Tip:  Place the text in an area that blends with the picture, make the title part of the whole photo.  Look how I created this example, here.

3. Playful and Creative

Mix things up by incorporating photos or illustrations inside the text.

How to create it: 

Choose a word which has something easy to associate with (i.e: Cookie), and replace a letter with a photo or illustration of that.  Watch video tutorial here.

4. Emotional / Moody:

Beautiful images created by adding overlays and playing around with fonts that convey different feelings.

How to create it:

Choose a picture that conveys an obvious feeling, add an overlay (dark, light or even colored), and write the headline pairing 2 contrasting fonts.  Watch the video of the example shown above.

5. Infographic Style:

Images that use arrows and indicators to point out different parts of a photo.

How to create it: 

Choose your photo and just write the items around or on the side.  Then use arrows or lines to complete the idea.  Look how I made this example.

The best way to stand out from the all of the noise in the online world is:

Making your Pins POP

Apply these ideas to your Pinterest marketing strategy and drive more traffic to your site!

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