How to make your Instagram feed look good + 5 Layout ideas

Have you ever found yourself browsing through your Instagram feeling jealous of other biz owner’s perfectly branded feed?

If you are wondering how they got to create that attractive feed design and you want to make your Instagram feed visually pleasing and consistent too, I present you… drumrolls please…


If you’re portraying a brand, whether it’s a personal brand or a business, it’s important to think about the overall look and feel you want to create with your Instagram grid. 

Here are 5 Grid Layout Ideas with examples you can try for yourself.

1. Tiles Layout

Just like your floor tiles at home, the idea is to alternate posts one after the other!  You want to make your feed look like a checkboard.  So choose 2 types of posts and alternate between them.  For example: image after quote after image and so on.   Or 2 colors and post alternating images that respond to that palette.

2. Rows Layout

In this layout, each row works as a story.  Your design should be crafted into 3 consecutive posts.  From left to right, the 3 posts of the row, should look consistent.  They can either continue one another or be aesthetically aligned.

3. Columns Layout

This layout has a great effect which usually makes the reader want to scroll and scroll down your feed.  Again, choosing 2 types of posts is an easy way to differentiate style:  use images on the side posts and use quotes on the middle line.  You can also be more intentional for example, an image in the middle and a quote on each side, referring to that particular image.

4. Borders Layout

Using borders gives a modern, professional, attractive look, almost instantly.  Adding a simple, consistent white border on every image provides “empty space” and “air” around the elements that compose the grid.  These frames help to convey a tidy, pleasing style.

5. Puzzle Layout

This type of feed consists of placing each and every image so that it it interacts with the images around it.  When you design a puzzle feed you need to design a grid of at least 3 full rows, that is 9 posts in total.  All the posts work as a complete canvas where images and texts and placed, creating a full composition.    


If you are getting frustrated with the design aspect of your social media content I recommend you plan your Instagram feed before posting.  You can start by planning in advance for 2 weeks or even a month.  You’ll be amazed with the results. 

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