5 Types of Photos to Promote your Content

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In this post I’m going to share with you 5 different types of photos you need to have, to promote your content. 

Whether you want to make Pinterest pins to drive traffic to your Blog, or promote with Instagram stories, you want to include this SUPER SIMPLE photoshoot ideas, to your content creation routine.

I’m on a mission to Simplify Design. So, let’s get started with my 5 MUST HAVE photo ideas, which are:

  • Flat Lay Shot
  • Action Shot
  • Front Shot
  • Closeup Shot
  • Wide Context Shot

I put together a short tutorial where you can get a super quick explanation. In LESS THAN 3 MINUTES you will learn 5 types of photos to promote your content. Watch HERE.

Or you can scroll through the blog post if you prefer.

Photo number 1: THE FLAT LAY SHOT

This type of image is simply a photo of objects arranged on a flat surface, captured from above. 

It’s a great way to showcase ingredients for a recipe, materials for a craft project or clothes for an outfit.

5 Types of Photos - Flat Lay

Quick tip!

When taking this type of photos, make some shots leaving white space so that you can easily add some text later.

Photo number 2: THE ACTION SHOT

This is a photo that shows someone or something in motion

For example, a hand mixing some cream in a bowl, dripping chocolate from a spoon or a hand with a paintbrush. 

Photo number 3: FRONT SHOT

This type of photo shows the full finished product, from a frontal view. 

For example, a cake on a cake stand, a finished craft project or a complete outfit. 

Quick tip! 

If you use a plain background, you can then remove it easily, and play around placing your images on different backgrounds.

Photo number 4: CLOSE UP SHOT

This type of photo is a close and detailed view of an object.

You can get really creative here with interesting photos of textures to convey different moods. 

For example, a closeup of an ingredient like berries, the texture of a fluffy blanket or the wavy texture of the sea. 

Quick tip! 

You can then use these photos as backgrounds and add text overlays.  Easy peasy and unique!

Photo number 5: WIDE CONTEXT SHOT

This type of photo shows the entire object or human figure and is usually intended to place it in some relation to its surroundings

For example, a cake on its cake stand placed on a decorated table setting for a party outdoors, or a Christmas DIY project hanging on the entrance door. 

Wrap up

When you want to promote your content, don’t forget to take these 5 types of photos. You will then be able to play around with them and use them on Pinterest, Instagram, your Blog or wherever you need to showcase your work.

5 Types of Photos to Promote Your Content:

  • Flat Lay Shot
  • Action Shot
  • Front Shot
  • Closeup Shot
  • Wide Context Shot

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5 Types of Photos to Promote Your Content

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