5 Video Pin Ideas for you Pinterest Strategy

Are you interested in using video pins as part of your Pinterest strategy but you are stuck on how to create video content pins that convert?

As a Pinterest user, it is pretty cool to be scrolling along and see a pin start playing. 

As s a business owner, you now have more opportunity to share your business with your potential customers.

Videos are gaining momentum.  So why not try some of your own to give you a boost?

You may have asked these questions:

  • What is video on Pinterest?
  • How do I create video pins?
  • What type of videos can I create?

Videos can come directly from repurposed content like Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, etc. 

But if you are really not there yet, here are 5 simple video ideas you can try and some tips to get you started.

1. Quick Snapshot Video

This type of videos are very dynamic and create intrigue.  The idea is to show something that appears and disappears fast and doesn’t fully let you see it.  Thus, making your audience want to see it again and again.

2. Moving Background

The effect is mesmerizing.  And these videos are so easy to create.  An overlay with text or still graphic is placed directly on top video footage.

3. Image Transitions

These videos combine a static part with a dynamic part, where images slide in and out with smooth transitions.  Super simple, but powerful.

4. Animated Elements

Using subtle animations on texts or doodles, creates a professional look whilst a scroll stopping effect.  These videos stand out from the crowd.  A small movement automatically makes this type of image pop when placed alongside static images.

5. Fast Timelapse

The best thing about this type of video is they allow us to show a process, a makeover, a step-by step.  The time duration of the video is adjusted to fast.

Wrapping up

People like to watch videos, they are eye-catching and stand out in the crowd.  They allow us to share more than a still image can.

You don’t have to be an expert filmmaker to create video pins.

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