A 5 step simple process for eye-catching Pinterest Pins that drive traffic.

Want to design better graphics to grow your blog?

Learn these Easy DIY tricks to create high-converting Pins that grab your viewer’s attention and stop them mid-scroll.

If you’re ready to get serious about driving that traffic to your website while the entire world is literally at home browsing the web, you will love the tips I am sharing today. 

So let’s get down to it, right away:

1. Brand Consistency

Showing up consistently as the same “person” is key to creating brand awareness. Creating a consistent style for your pins is one of the very first things that you should do as you begin to get serious about your Pinterest strategy.  You can achieve this using a few assets to craft a solid brand look:

  • use your brand color palette
  • include you logo
  • don’t forget to include your url

2. Great Headlines

Headlines that convert can be crafted using a simple framework that you can repeat over and over, replacing a couple of words.  Stop reinventing the wheel and rock your pin’s titles and subtitles.  Speak to your outcome, be specific and be different. 

Here is an example:

Discover how to (outcome), so you can (specific), without (different).

The headline could look like this:


3. Styled Imagery

Images are a HUGE component of your pin designs. Whatever your niche is, you need to choose images that resonate with the theme you are designing your pin for.  Images set a tone and evoke emotions.  Make sure the vibe you convey will attract your ideal audience.

4. Font Pairing

Using font combinations creates an attractive, dynamic graphic effect.  Pair font styles in order to draw attentions.  Choose 2-3 fonts and use these constantly.  Save time deciding what fonts to use every single time.  Choose a bold, uppercase, modern font to make content stand out.  Pair it with a script, fresh, handwritten font to balance out.  This formula works almost always!

5. Call To Action

Tell your readers what to do next.  Use buttons, underlined text or an arrow pointing to the text, to make your call to action visible.  Be clear and use a short phrase like: “Read full post”,  “Click here”, “Learn more”, “Download now!”

Now it’s time to start applying everything you learned.  Stop getting frustrated with the design aspects of your graphics.  You can do it!

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