Polish your visuals with handy tips for non-designers. 

When it comes to running your business, your to-do list seems endless. You’ve defined your logo, set up a homepage and chosen your brand style. 

You are browsing through your social media, feeling jealous of that other biz owner’s perfectly branded feeds, pins and visuals.  But you don’t want to waste hundreds on a graphic designer…

Graphic design is a useful skill for any blogger to have in their back pocket. 

And it’s possible to create professional-looking designs even if you have no graphic design training.

Want to design better graphics to grow your blog? 

Here are 5 ways to improve your graphics and keep your brand looking consistent and professional.

1. Hierarchy is key

The most important part of your message should be the most visually dominant, it should stand out.

Establish an order of Importance: you want your reader to see something FIRST, something SECOND, and something THIRD.

It is crucial that we make it easy for our readers to distinguish which elements are most important. 

Make it clear what action you want your visitors to take.  People are lazy, they actually like being told what to do! So help them out and make it easy for them! 

2. Keep it simple

Make sure that every element of your design is absolutely necessary to convey the message you are trying to get across.  Cluttered layouts are overwhelming. 

If there is too much, I won’t see anything.

3. Don’t overcrowd – give it air

Use “white” space (it’s called “white” or “negative” space, not in reference to the color but referring to the “free of elements” space).

Give your elements breathing space around them.

4. Less is more

Limit your typefaces and make sure they are easy to read.  Stick to two or three.  Also, you can choose one typeface and use its variations (bold, light, italic). 

Fonts can convey different meanings:

  • Serif fonts have an elegant and sophisticated appeal
  • Geometric sans serif fonts are strong and powerful
  • Soft rounded edges are friendlier

Make sure to choose fonts which convey the right message for your audience.

5. Color choices and mood

Choose a limited color palette of 1 or 2 primary colors and 1 or 2 accent colors.

Contrast is key to good design.  It can make it stand out to the eye and also helps legibility. 

If you have a dark background then use a light color for text, and vice versa.


Standing out in the online world can be difficult. But when you show up with professionally designed graphics and consistent branding it is much easier to be noticed, increase engagement and turn your ideal audience into fans!

You can make a big impact by adjusting a few small things on your graphics. 

Try applying them and you’ll be amazed at how much better it feels to look at your visual content.

Use these design tips for non-designers to influence your creations, and no one ever has to know you’re self-taught!


Grab my free checklist and start implementing these handy tips to make your graphics pop and make an impact!  DOWNLOAD HERE.

I’d love to hear how these tips help you and what are some other ways you have found to improve your design? Feel free to email me to claritawita@gmail.com or hello@5tips.co

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