Time Saving Hacks to Create Compelling Pins That Convert

If Pinterest asks for more FRESH pins…then we will give them more FRESH pins!

Ok, but wait. 

More pins means more work, which means more time spent on designing and probably getting frustrated as the clock ticks and you look at your images not feeling happy about the result.

I used to spend hours creating Pinterest graphics only to look at them a few days later and wonder how all that time and effort could result in something so boring and generic.

Imagine if you could:

  • Simplify your graphics game and look professional
  • Create killer pins in minutes
  • Have amazing confidence in your designs

I strongly believe that with a bit of practice and simple tips, you can achieve this, even if you have ZERO design skills.

I’m sharing the exact things I’ve incorporated into my workflow to create click-worthy visuals whilst saving tons of time!


Start by getting clear on the goals and the overview of the images you want to create.  Less fuss = more clarity.

  • What is the format?
  • What is the message?
  • What do look and feel does it need to convey?  

This is the type of sketch I make before I start designing.

Format 2:3
Message: Healthy Dinner Ideas for Busy Moms.
Look and Feel: Healthy, practical, straightforward.


Write down the headline. I suggest jotting dow 2 or 3 compelling headlines. Make sure to include your keywords.

Write down your call to action. Get creative and play around with phrases like: Click here! Grab freebie, Gimme! I need this, Start here, Download Now, Sign Up, Join us, Learn more…

Select your photos. I select 2 different photos right at the beginning just in case I need to quickly adjust an image.

For example: a “flat lay” cleaner type of photo and a more crowded, bolder, type of photo.


Having a blank canvas can be intimidating and may hold you back.  Templates are the best way to start half-way.  Done -for-you resources like templates help you get started and going!

Templates are definitely my “not so secret” weapon. They provide shortcuts that help save time and create consistent looking graphics easily.

Head over to the TEMPLATE SHOP and check out all the designs we have for you.


When you show up online with consistent branding you begin to build brand recognition. 

If you have a defined brand style, you’ll have a lot of the decisions made before hand.  (Having a simple Brand Board is a great tool.  If you need one, check our post on the easy and quick way to create a Branding Board for your business).

Instead of spending hours choosing colors and trying font pairs, have your brand elements set and ready to use.


Make the most of the graphics you create.  Once you’ve created your pin, make a copy and play around with the elements. 

Try the following:

  • Change the photo, or flip it
  • Make some tweaks to the wording
  • Move around the elements

Creating a bunch of pins all together is more effective than creating only one.

Now that you have your content and you’ve designed the first visual, play around and get all the juice out of it!

If your to-do-list always includes the task: Create Pinterest Pins don’t feel stuck in front of a blank canvas, not knowing where to start.

Let me help you get started with 3 FREE Pinterest templates I’ve designed.

All you need is Canva and a few of your own images and you will be creating Pins that POP, in no time. SIMPLE, EASY AND FUN!

Get a FREE 30 day Canva Pro trial here!

I’d love to see how these tips help you and if you use the templates for your own designs, I’d love to see how they look! Feel free to email me to claritawita@gmail.com or hello@5tips.co

Want more templates that’ll help save you time & money?

Head to our TEMPLATES section and discover our done-for-you templates, created by a professional designer, that don’t require any design knowledge.

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